The Invisibles / by Mike Dawson

The world is, at best, confusing. People vote against their own interests on a regular basis. Healthcare decisions are often more based on profit or avoiding liability than a patient or family's wants and needed. Teachers spend as more time testing students and documenting lesson plans than they do teaching. Are you depressed yet? Yeah, me too.

But the thing that really confuses me are attractive people who are impossible to photograph. Some people, like Justin, below, cannot take a bad picture. He sees a camera and his face, expression, and demeanor are immediately perfect. Is it because he's an actor and comfortable on the stage? Is it his personal dedication to style, not pictured below? Is it because we've known each other for almost 15 years? Or is it something else entirely?

Justin, always on point.

Then there are the friends who are incredibly beautiful where I cannot take a photo that looks even remotely as attractive as they do in person. My friend Kasumi is beautiful. Striking coloring. Adorable smile. Piercing eyes. And somehow: I cannot get a good photo if she knows I'm looking. And if she doesn't know I'm taking a picture, I can't get her in focus. Why is this?!?


Example two: Eli. Eli is bar manager for Dinner Lab. Charming. Friendly. Devilish smirk. And somehow always blurry.


Why is this? Are they vampires who can't be captured by even mirrorless cameras? Do they move backward and forward at rest where normal people fidget laterally? Do they exist in 4 dimensions instead of the conventional 3? Is this a lack of camera love or a level of animated charisma that isn't easily captured in a stolen moment? Would capturing the perfect photo be a tragic like pinning a butterfly in a box or a triumphant achievement?

The world may never know. But in the interim, I will continue to try.