The Birthday Project: Will / by Mike Dawson

Rat pack super spy

Last Wednesday I had the following exchange on Facebook:

SWK: "Hey, are you coming to my birthday Saturday?"
MED: "I was planning on it , but you know, flaky."
SWK: "So... I'm having this OTHER birthday that you weren't invited to and I was wondering if you'd come..."
SWF: "...and bring your camera. And take photos."

True happiness is a birthday text message on a charging iPhone.

I couldn't refuse a friend on their birthday. Especially an attractive friend with attractive friends in an attractive space with interesting light. I'm very happy with the results and very happy to wish Will a happy ((cough)) 40 ((cough)) th birthday.

kpop meets die hard

Hopefully next year this effort will get me upgraded to the A list.




I have a set of portraits from the night but I haven't gotten permission yet to post. Hopefully more to come.