Remainders / by Mike Dawson

I am feeling like my creative block is a bit lifted and wished to share some ancillary material referenced in the last post.

First off, one of many moose:

If he was once alive(?) is there any worse fate for the remains of a sentient being than hanging on the wall of a vaguely Twin Peaksian, somewhat gay bar?

This shot, from earlier in the week when I was more inebriated but far better rested proves that a.) An iPhone is sufficient light for the a7 to take a portrait. b.) Exhaustion makes the hand shake far more than drink. c.) I am irrationally jealous of people who are stronger than me.


And finally, Hong-An was beautiful as always at Florian's party. (Which was not the event pictured above).

"I am giving side eye to the man above, despite never occupying the same space in real life."