Labor Day and Lobster Rolls / by Mike Dawson

Click for animated gif. Make sure you're seated first.

Click for animated gif. Make sure you're seated first.

I was stuck at home over Labor Day weekend so a couple of friends and I decided to bring the beach to Brooklyn. Our crack team consisted of Tex, child of ranchers from landlocked Nebraska; Mike, guilt-ridden former vegetarian with a self-diagnosed minor shellfish allergy; and Justin, the mastermind of the operation with years of experience in crawfish boils in Louisiana and southern Florida. 

A moment of silence / kiss the cook

The process took an emotional toll on Justin but the finished result was beautiful.

Some were less affected by the lobster's brave sacrifice and the strong, humid, boggy smell permeating the kitchen for the next hour. Some of us drank seltzer in the other room and dreamed of dry land and fragrant pine forests.

Lobsterrine / We all grieve differently

The finished product was amazing. In the end Chef Justin substituted fresh rosemary for tarragon and dropped the celery entirely as unnecessary filler. The results were bright and light yet remarkably filling. They were served with guacamole a la Tex, fresh figs, and Syracuse salt potatoes with melted butter, my favorite food on earth. A lovely way to spend a holiday staycation. [Tarragon Lobster Roll]

Lobster rolls, finished product