Soft Grunge @ The Fifth Estate / by Mike Dawson

Halloween came early this Sunday at monthly Sudnay concert series, Soft Grunge @ The Fifth Estate. I've been experimenting with the Samyang 85mm 1.4 lens for photographing concerts. It's perfect for isolating faces and gives an almost painted quality. The narrow depth of field results in some terrible and beautiful accidents for anyone who moves towards and away the from camera. I left before the later acts, but the first act #OST played some beautiful instrumental music:

Steve, #OST. Commercial break

Next up was Heavy Negatives, a band with a very soft spot in my heart. Their set was plagued by equipment issues, but their Addams Family inspired outfits were on point, and they ended up triumphing over these difficulties.

Vampire goddess

Doppler drummer

Tex, Jahnny

The lens also functions admirably in low light, especially on the A7 body, even at a relatively high ISO. Combined with a flash it also produced some lovely portraits. 


Full manual in the dark is a work in process, but I look forward to the challenge.